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How to Write Killer Copy

So as a Small Business Owner, you are likely wearing 1 BILLION different hats; maker, social media manager, customer service consultant, bookkeeper, pr executive and crafter of copy… just to name a few. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it can be SUPER fun but oh so draining. I mean, we can’t be great at everything can we?

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How to pitch and write an article submission that actually gets published

Writing a killer article submission is a fantastic way to boost your business's credibility. There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you get it right, you will impress the editor, reach your target audience and position yourself or your business as knowledge experts.

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Top App/Program Recommendations For Small Business Owners

You know what DOESN’T rock though? Not having a design department, a trusty IT dude, a handy dandy office manager or guru-like mentor-ish person you corner by the water cooler daily for bang on advice. Yeah, not having a support crew can make it all a little overwhelming...

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The secret to turning complex concepts into winning content - writing in plain English

What's the difference between awesome and average copy? For most IT and technology businesses, it's writing in plain English. What is plain English? Plain English is just that: PLAIN. By writing in plain English, you minimise the fluff, the complicated words...

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It's time to end the gated vs. ungated content debate

The gated vs ungated content debate has been going on for far too long, and it's high time we addressed it. By addressing it, we mean running through the pros and cons of each approach and providing our take on how to use this content marketing tactic effectively.

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Why we don’t outsource our writing overseas - and neither should you

As a business owner or marketing manager, you’ve likely outsourced many tasks to a freelancer. We’re guessing you’ve also toyed around with, or actually have, hired an overseas content writer. It’s okay, we’re not judging you...

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5 Tips to Manage the Work at Home Mum Life

So, if you’re like me, when you had visions of starting your business from home you had fantasies of you smashing work out while your kidlet(s) played happily at your feet. Oh of course, there would be days that would test you but all in all, it would be the perfect mix of satisfying your desire to work while successfully juggling #mumlife.

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5 Important Tips Every Freelancer Should Know

So, it’s safe to say Freelancing has well and truly taken off in Australia. As of October 2015 there were an estimated 4.1m Australian’s freelancing (vs 3.7m in Oct 2014). Well, well, well, it seems I’ve become a bit of a statistic. While I can’t speak for the rest of Australia, I can definitely shed some light on why I think freelancing rocks...

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Freshly Minted Blog - All Articles

Writer's block. It's the official nemesis of small business owners and content producers everywhere. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank computer screen willing your brain to function, to no avail. We’ve all been there. But never fear; the team at Freshly Minted have brainstormed 15 amazing things to blog about when you’ve got writer's block. Simply add your service, product...

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Social Media

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Happy Clients

Marissa from The Savvy Studio is a marketing and social media superstar. Over the last 12 months, she’s played a huge role in building the Mint Content brand, improving our search engine rankings and keeping our sales pipeline nice and healthy. The best part is that I barely need to think about marketing campaigns or how we’re going to attract our next client – with Marissa taking care of everything from company blog posts to social media management, it’s one less thing I need to stress about.

As a content writing agency for IT and tech companies, we don’t trust just any old writer to produce work for our business. Marissa brings an energetic and enthusiastic voice to what can be a dull industry. She’s reliable, consistent and a real joy to work with. We’re huge fans of all things Savvy!

Amy McPhillips, MINT CONTENT

At Mums With Hustle we feel like we’ve struck gold with Marissa. Her work ethic, her professionalism and her skills are what sets her apart. I highly recommend her services to any business looking to grow! Marissa is not one you need to micromanage. She thinks strategically and she is able to manage large projects and her execution is outstanding. We see her as a valued part of our brand.


Marissa was the perfect person to bring on in during an incredibly busy period while my business struggled with ‘growth pains’! It’s incredibly nerve-wracking to bring in your first set of hands and Marissa helped me stay organised, and when I was held up I didn’t even need to ask – she’d gotten to the work first to make sure I stayed on track. Thank you Marissa! xx

Christy LadyLaurence, PLANN

I contacted Marissa to coordinate Baby Carriers Australia social media efforts. Being a busy mum AND business owner I simply didn’t have time to manage it all AND sleep! Working with Marissa has revolutionised my business. Marissa not only manages social media content, she spearheads all of our marketing efforts from blogs to booking digital advertising. Sales have increased, our conversion rate has improved and our online community has never been so engaged. Best of all; Marissa is knowledgeable, SAVVY and fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

It was a pleasure working with Marissa, work was always done on time and was of the highest quality. I saw tangible improvements to both our online presence and our business as a result of her savvy social media skills.


I loved working with Marissa. She is so knowledgable and professional and made social media especially, so easy to understand.
Her strategies have been so simple and effective, I am actually enjoying using social media for my business.
I highly recommend Savvy and I will continue to use Marissa in the future.

Melissa O'Connor, LIZZY & LILAC

The Savvy Studio helps me with numerous tasks involved in my online business Vino Sunset and I am very happy with Marissa and her work. I have experienced great communication with Marissa, her interpersonal skills and her work ethic are excellent and just what we need. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Stuart Lowry, Vino Sunset

Marissa is a god send! Marissa her stuff and goes over and above. Marissa makes the small business to hard basket disappear. Amazing!


Marissa, well, where can I start? Marissa is creative, has an attention to detail and gets me. She listened to what I needed and delivered reports, not just on time, but goes over and above to ensure she is providing the best possible service.
I am always recommending her to others because she is such a star, AND I always say that I hope that my biz gets big enough one day that I will have a need to outsource, to HER.
Thank you Marissa. You have been an invaluable help and I appreciate all you have done. xx

Rebecca Marshall, WHIMSICAL FAIR

Marissa is my ‘right hand’ lady in my business. She thinks strategically and nails my business blogs and social media branding because she just understands my way of thinking and how to attract my ideal client market. She is authentic and really cares about her work and the service she provides. My expectations have always been met even though I possibly fail to give her as much detail for tasks yet she is still able to produce exceptional work for me.

I have no hesitation recommending her. She has contributed so much value to the rapid growth and success of my coaching business.

Sarah Cross

Marissa is a bit effing amazing, and it’s no wonder I think that because she’s basically my Sister-from-another-Mister in terms of attitude and writing style, with her down-to-earth vibes and yet impeccable reliability and super professional work ethic.

Marissa currently helps me with editing and proofreading, and her copywriting is just brilliant. I have so many ideas in the pipeline that I know I will be hiring The Savvy Studio for in the future!

If you have a chance to get her on your team DO IT (as long as you don’t steal her from meeeeee).

Mikaela Danvers, The Makers Collective

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